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Pull Your Credit

*Must use legal name as it appears on drivers license

In order to begin the process, you will need to click the link to pull your credit report for a nominal fee. PLB Lending will then be notified that your credit report is ready to be viewed. This process is secure and confidential.

Pricing is as follows:
Individual: $89.01
Joint: $89.01

By clicking the credit report link, you are authorizing PLB Lending, LLC to use your credit report information for the purpose of a mortgage application. You will receive a Notice to Home Loan Applicant disclosure and your credit score.


Register for a Loan Center account. From there, you can submit an online form and the sensitive information that you provide will be transmitted securely. Your account also enables you to easily modify your information and view the status of your loan.

Click the "Apply Now" button to get started.

Documents Needed

Please provide the following for loan approval:

  • Last two (2) years Federal Tax Returns (FULL return, all pages. Applies to corporate as well)
  • Your last two (2) years W2's and/ or 1099's
  • Last two (2) paystubs
  • Last two (2) months bank statements
  • Most recent 401K statement, if applicable
  • If you currently pay child support or alimony: we will need the Divorce Decree and/ or FOC documentation showing the amount you currently pay.
  • If you currently own any other properties please provide the mortgage statements, the home owners insurance declaration page, and any association fee information, if applicable.

For a Refinance we will just need your current mortgage statement & homeowners declaration page!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! (586) 992-1250 or email

Additional Documents